Making Babies in the 21st Century

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Описание курса

This free online six-week course will help you understand the choices that surround assisted reproduction and explore the challenges posed by reproductive technology.

It takes as its starting point a person or couple who want to make a baby but can’t, due to their infertility, advanced age, sexuality or lack of partner.

It will look at human reproduction in an age where reproductive technology is becoming the norm and will explore the social, ethical and legal challenges that currently confront us.

Course content

Anyone deciding to use reproductive technology to help them in their quest to have biological offspring is confronted with a vast array of choices and dilemmas.

This course will consider a number of these, including:

  • the choice to have a sperm or egg donor
  • using a known or an anonymous donor
  • using a surrogate (and, if so, doing so in an ethical way)
  • testing the fetus for genetic abnormalities
  • choosing a gender or a genetic profile
  • deciding what kind of family the baby will eventually call their own

All of these issues pose urgent ethical challenges. But who decides what’s right or wrong? Who is potentially harmed? And how is this changing our society?

Для кого курс

The course is for anyone with an interest in reproductive technology, including:

  • medical and healthcare students
  • clinicians and nurses working in women’s health
  • scientists and biotechnologists involved in reproductive medicine

No prior knowledge is necessary.

Программа курса

six-week course 2 hours per week

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