MSc Human Molecular Genetics

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This course provides a broad grounding in human genetics, with the emphasis on the molecular aspects of human genetics, particularly in relation to human disease.

It is aimed mainly at science graduates who seek research careers in areas such as fundamental human molecular genetics, genetic factors in human health and disease, or molecular and cytogenetic approaches to diagnosis.

The course is flexible, and updated regularly to reflect important advances in human genetics.

Teaching covers a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of human genetics, clinical genetics and genomics, together with more advanced topics such as diabetes, cancer genetics, gene therapy, animal models and epigenetics.

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Для кого курс

To be considered for admission to a Master’s e.g. MSc, MRes, MBA etc, applicants should have completed a minimum of five years study and been awarded the Specialist Diploma or have completed four years of study and been awarded the Bakalavr. For both qualifications the requirement is an overall average grade of 4.5/5 or better.

Applicants for research should be in possession of a Magistr degree with a grade of ⅘ or better, although a grade of 4.5/5 is normally preferred.


1 year full-time