Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management

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Программа курса

This programme has been designed to meet the industrial demand for the training and education of both existing and future engineers in the advanced concepts of sustainable electrical power and energy generation. The aims are to produce graduates of a high calibre with the right skills and knowledge who will be capable of leading teams involved in the operation, control, design, regulation and management of power systems and networks of the future.

The programme aims to:

  • Provide you with the ability to critically evaluate methodologies, analytical procedures and research methods
  • Provide an advanced education in electrical power engineering
  • Give you the education, knowledge and the skills you need to make sound decisions in a rapidly changing electricity supply industry
  • Provide a sound understanding of the principles and techniques of electrical power engineering.
  • Give a broad knowledge of the issues and problems faced by electrical power engineers
  • Give a solid working knowledge of the techniques used to solve these problems
  • Provide a foundation in power systems principles for graduates with an engineering background
  • Demonstrate the practical relevance of these principles to the operation of successful enterprises in the broad field of electrical power engineering
  • Familiarise professional engineers and graduates with the theory and application of new technologies applied to power systems.

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Для кого курс

To apply for this course, you should hold a Bachelor’s degree with lower second-class honours or the overseas equivalent in electrical and electronic engineering. Other engineering degrees may be considered, provided you have studied some electrical and/or electronics content on your course.


Full-time: 12 months
Part-time: 24-28 months