Electronic Engineering via Short Courses

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An MSc in Electronic Engineering via Short Courses has been introduced comprising elements drawn from the full-time MSc courses. The purpose of the programme is to encourage those working in industry to continue with their professional development without necessitating an expensive career break. The modular approach means that students can choose their own pace of study to fit in with their work commitments. The majority of our short courses have been approved for Technical Sponsorship by the IET.

The Deptment of Electrical Engineering awards credits on the Modular MSc via short courses which are assessed by examination and, in the case of Satellite Communications, labwork and assignments. Each module is worth 15 credits. 120 credits are awarded for successful completion of 7 to 8 courses and, in addition, the student undertakes a project that is awarded 60 credits.

The maximum amount of time allocated for an MSc via short courses student to complete the MSc is normally four years from registration.

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Для кого курс

Candidates should formally register straightaway and complete the MSc Application form. This form is processed by the Faculty PG Admissions Office and Registry and, if satisfactory, a formal offer will be made.

A first degree is usually necessary in order to register for an MSc but other qualifications combined with evidence of relevant employment can be taken into account in lieu of a first degree. The University has to be satisfied that the candidate is suitable for an MSc.
Supporting evidence for application includes:- evidence of Degrees or HNCs/HDNs claimed, two referees, a letter of support from the applicant’s company and evidence of previous experience. The University reserves the right to refuse an application if it is felt that the student will have problems attaining the academic standards required for the MSc.


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