MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

5 месяцев
89 000
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This programme provides students with a detailed knowledge and understanding of all the major renewable energy sources and the engineering skills associated with them. Key areas covered include electrical systems for renewable energy, energy conversion and storage, and the fundamental concepts in safety engineering.

You will get both a theoretical and practical grounding. Teaching is by specialist staff drawn from our engineering school and the energy industry, each of whom are highly regarded in their field of expertise. The programme is constantly updated to reflect the current and future needs of the renewable energy industry.

One of the main features of the MSc Programme is its interdisciplinary nature, being suitable for students with mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical and other suitable engineering backgrounds. In special cases, the programme is also made available to those with relevant science backgrounds, including Physics, Chemistry and Applied Maths.

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5 months or 27 months

Part Time