The World History of Modern Wine

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This course explores the growth of global wine production and trade over the past three centuries. You will explore key themes in wine history and learn about the methods and resources that historians use to understand the past.

Topics include the differences between the “old” and “new” worlds of wine, the changing nature of taste, and innovations in wine quality. We’ll discuss the historical development of appellation systems to classify wine, as well as the importance of global trade in creating the world’s distinctive wine regions. The course is divided into six modules. Each module includes short video lectures, guided readings, and primary sources. Videos have been filmed in four countries, including France and Australia. All reading materials are in English. This is an introductory course that requires no previous knowledge of wine or modern history. Students will be given the tools and skills to start researching the histories of their own favorite wines. The online discussion forum creates a unique opportunity to connect with other students of wine history.

What you’ll learn
  • Major trends and changes in global wine production, trade and consumption over the past three hundred years
  • The concepts, methods and resources that historians use to think about the history of wine
  • How wine taste and quality have changed over time
  • When and how the wine industry has responded to crisis and change
  • How to start your own research into the history of your favorite wines

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Для кого курс

The course is designed for both wine-lovers who want to know more about their favorite beverage, and for history-lovers who are curious about the growing field of commodity history.


  • Length: 6 weeks
  • Effort: 2 to 5 hours per week



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