Associate of arts in information technology (aait)

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The Associate of Arts in Information Technology (AAIT) program provides the foundation and skills necessary for entry into the field of Information Technology. The attainment of an Associate’s Degree meets the needs of adult students before they embark on a professional program or higher degree levels.

An Associate of Arts degree in Information Technology will enable students to demonstrate sound understanding of organizational principles, quality assurance and leadership in information technology positions. The AAIT is also an important milestone for students’ educational goals.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in English and Communication Skills
  • Display positive attitudes in human relationship in a multicultural and diverse environment
  • Use knowledge and skills in modern technology within an information technology, business operation or a leadership role
  • Demonstrate an understanding of theory and application related to the information technology environment
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of professional ethics that apply to personal and business decisions
  • Possess basic skills and knowledge of computers and apply the tools with confidence
  • Apply techniques appropriate to solving technological problems in organizations
Программа курса

2 years

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