Data Science for the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Описание курса

About the course and its aims:

  • The course analyses problem solving for IoT analytics.
  • The unique considerations for IoT data (e.g. time series data) are investigated.
  • The course covers programming so participants will need to be familiar with some programming languages — but we do not expect familiarity in a specific language. The primary programming language of the course is Python (specifically TensorFlow and Keras).
  • We use Spark for big data.
  • The course needs an understanding of maths. We cover maths and statistics foundations as needed.
  • Where possible, we use IoT datasets. We cover handling large-scale IoT datasets.
  • We focus on skills based/commercial products. This is not an academic course.
  • The course also includes an industry programme. The industry programme will be based on use cases incorporating IoT analytics methodology.
  • We aim to equip you with skills such as TensorFlow, Keras, Nvidia etc., which can be used outside of IoT applications.

The course takes a problem solving approach and uses specific case studies from industry. Participants are expected to have a mind-set of exploration and to study and learn beyond the class material itself (depending on their existing familiarity with the subject matter).

Программа курса

Time commitment for the course is 2 — 3 hours face-to-face in Oxford on Saturdays (usually starting at 10:30) and 1 — 2 hours online each week on Tuesdays (usually starting at 19:00). We recommend you allow around 10 — 12 hours study time per week (plus the hours above). There is a minimum attendance requirement of 75%.

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