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Become a digital transformer who drives massive impact in companies !

Digital tech is radically reshaping and disrupting the foundations of business, generating opportunities for startups and agile corporations, while putting pressure on entrenched companies that struggle to innovate. This disruption is coming from technologies such as AI-driven bots and apps, blockchain finance, big data analytics, the internet of things (IoT), and augmented reality and wearables devices. The challenge for companies isn’t only tech — it’s also talent.

From disruptive startups to the largest global corps, there is a growing demand for new-economy professionals who can bridge the gap between technology and business. This is why IE’s School of Human Sciences and Technology (HST) — a school integrally linked to the business workplace — has handcrafted the Master in Digital Business & Innovation (MDBI).

The future is bright for digital business professionals. Graduates of the Master in Digital Business & Innovation will be highly sought-after, and prepared to take on roles such as: Tech Strategist, Tech Consultant, Digital Director, Business Innovator, Business Intelligence Guru, Digital IT Expert, or Digital Transformer.

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This 11-month program is aimed at ambitious professionals with an innovation mindset. At HST, we’ve knocked down the silos between business and tech. We believe that anyone who wants to be part of building the digital future of business needs to spend time getting a good, solid grounding in digital knowledge and skills — in digital platforms and ecosystems, AI, IoT, blockchain, robotics… in all the key technologies that are changing what it means to do business.

Ready to become a disruptor? Designed for anyone seeking to become a leader in tech strategy, digital transformation, and tech-based innovation, this program welcomes students with diverse backgrounds such as: Business, Social and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Math-Related Fields


Full-time program in Madrid, Spain. The tution is 30 200 euro. To find out more please contact us