Master in Computer Science & Business Technology

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Computer science is the gold standard of tech. Without it, we wouldn’t be seeing the rise of connected and automated factories, intelligent assistants and service bots, augmented reality shopping apps, mobile payment systems, smart homes, e-governments, and much more. No matter the company, area, or industry, if an organization wants to compete in today’s marketplace, they must incorporate technology into their business strategy and daily activities. This means recruiters are constantly seeking out professionals trained in computer science, who are capable of designing and developing innovative, disruptive tech. In response to this massive need, IE’s School of Human Sciences & Technology — a school fundamentally linked to the business workplace — has reinvented computer science education for the digital world with the Master in Computer Science and Business Technology.

This program equips students with the skills they need to guide companies through today’s digital world, and design and develop the technologies of tomorrow. At HST, we believe computer science should be for anyone with an innovative mindset looking to roll up their sleeves and dive into the world of deep tech, to eventually lead a high-impact career in technology. Is handcrafted to kick start your career in the design and development of technology applied to real-world business. It will prepare students for Software engineer, App developer, Business innovator, tech consultant, systems architect, among others.

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Candidates profiles: Business&Economics, engineering, IT/IS, Natural Science, Social Sciences.


Full- time program in Madrid, Spain. Tuitin is 30200 euro.