Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

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Data Scientists hold the sexiest job of the 21st century. These professionals combine business knowledge, Big Data Technologies, and advanced analytical skills to drive decision — making and performance improvements across any organization.

During the program you will master the four areas of knowledge and skills needed to become a successful professional in the field. The program is built around the needs of industry recruiters and updated based on their ongoing feedback.

In addition during the program you will engage in three intense projects that will give you hands-on training directly with industry experts, such as IBM, Telefonica and others.

Companies, non-profits and governments are struggling to optimize the performance of their operations and the quality of their decision to stay competitive.

As a result, there is a large and growing demand for specialized professionals who can identify, collect, analyse, interpret and transform data to drive value and innovation, These are just some of the existing roles that you could play after completing the program: Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Data Solutions Architect, Chief Data Officer, Researcher, Big Data Analytics Manager etc.

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Для кого курс

For those who studieed/worked in Business, Technology or were doing quantative work.

You studied and/or are working in business. You want to become an expert in measuring results and using data analytics to drive business.

You studied and/or are doing quantitative work in engineering, statistics or social research.
You want to learn how to measure performance in an organization and become an expert in using analytics to improve performance.

You studied and/or are working in technology. You want a front office job where technology and data are used to drive core business decisions.


Full-time and part -time program formats in Madrid, Spain.