Master of Business Administration (iMBA)

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A premier MBA program that is affordable, heavily interactive, and completely online from one of the world’s 30 most powerful university brands.

The fully accredited iMBA is heavily interactive, with live global classrooms, team projects, and personal contact with top professors. The 800+ students in our iMBA family represent more than 40 countries and 40 states across the USA.

The iMBA organizes content into self-contained packages we call Specializations, which cover Core courses in leadership, strategy, economics, accounting, and finance. These Specializations will help you hone your foundational executive management abilities. Special tracks are designed to develop your future-forward vision in areas like digital marketing, innovation, and globalization. As you complete a Specialization, you’re ready for immediate impact in that area. Together, the Specializations create a complete MBA, a complete leadership package.

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With the innovative iMBA program, we have reimagined MBA education and created an MBA program that makes the online experience a new kind of educational experience. The program welcomes people from varied backgrounds, be it arts, science, music, engineering, finance, accounting, consulting, marketing, medicine, military, and many more. The iMBA is for anyone who wants to enhance their business acumen and leadership capabilities either to change careers or just get better in their profession and understand the business side of things.


  • 24-36 months
  • 18 courses plus three capstone projects