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Digital marketing is termed as an approach, a strategy, a branding or marketing exercise using digital channels. Digital Marketing training for professionals and graduates by EduPristine will not only help you understand the different aspects of digital marketing but will also give you practical experience and certification.

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Before focusing deep down on the basics of Brand Mentions and its impact on SEO Ranking, it is very essential for us to reflect very few basics of SEO.

Importance of SEO plays a great role in ranking of your websites ahead of your competitors and while doing so it is essential to understand two major aspects or elements


Brand mention is just an implied link and it gets huge importance in SEO ranking prospect due to recent update in Google Panda algorithm. Hence, by implementing proper citations, Google identifies your brand as a worthy follower among the audiences or customers.

Thus, when user searches for your brand or any services related to your brand, these implied links or citations will come into play. Thus, proper Brand Mention surely help your brand to become more visible to target audiences thus increasing SEO ranking among the result page. Therefore, it gives you a boost to stay ahead in competition among others.

Thus, Brand Mention becomes the future of backlink strategy. Mentioning the brand thus helps you in providing more backlinks. For example, while posting some quality content and mention the brand name, if a website of high authority having huge traffic backlinks to you then it serves best impact on your ranking.