Existential Well-being Counseling: A Person-centered Experiential Approach

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This humanities course offers you the opportunity to explore what really matters in life and teaches you how to nurture your well-being and enhance the well-being of others.

We will address themes in your personal and professional life and show you how to counsel at all stages. We start with a positive approach by giving attention to people’s talents. We recognize that human existence involves constraints and difficulties, which is why this course is based on the idea of “existential” well-being.

This course will teach you how to live fully as a human being, in this body, on this planet, while at the same time being conscious that you are just a small part of a vast, incomprehensible, universe.

Our experiential approach focuses on the innate wisdom of the human organism and our tendency to evolve in a forward-moving direction. You will learn how to become aware of this deeply felt knowledge by giving attention to your body as felt from the inside and to your emotions.

What you’ll learn
  • Live meaningfully and make the best of different life situations
  • Build optimal human relationships
  • Focus on bodily felt wisdom
  • Facilitate emotional, cognitive and behavioral change
  • Improve counseling skills for different working contexts

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Для кого курс

  • Anybody who cares about well-being and meaningful living can benefit from this course.
  • Therapists motivated to deepen the existential/experiential layer of human functioning can enrich their approach.


  • Length: 12 weeks
  • Effort: 6-8 hours per week