Публичные Выступления на Английском Языке для Бизнеса

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A 5-week course for non-native speakers of English who sell, make presentations, and lead serious negotiations in the English language.

The course is based on exclusively practical experience of delivering presentations to crowds and high profile English-speaking clients in Germany, USA, England, Dubai, Japan, South East Asia, Switzerland, Seychelles, Spain, etc.

Whether you present in English in front of 5 or 500 people, your job is to build the connection with your audience and make sure you have a long lasting relationships with your clients, colleagues, partners, and investors.

  • How to be sincere in business?
  • How to make sure foreign clients come back?
  • How to strengthen business relationships by the way you talk?
  • How to express your ideas in a clear, brief, and powerful way?
  • How to understand different accents and reduce your own?
  • How to understand EVERY SINGLE WORD that people say?
  • How to sell more in English?


  • business leaders who present to the board and to their clients
  • entrepreneurs who pitch to foreign investors
  • people who sell in English
  • people who present at international conferences in English
  • people need to learn to present themselves to foreign recruiters and employers

See the complete breakdown of the program here…

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Для кого курс

Для тех, кто презентует, продает, ведет переговоры и управляет бизнесом и командой на английском.


First session — February 4, 2019

Last session — March 7, 2019

10 sessions total + 6 months of online post-training support and online work