Новая Зеландия

Бакалавр программного обеспечения, искусственный интеллект (Новая Зеландия)

Новая Зеландия
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Описание курса

You’ll become a highly sought-after developer with a deep understanding of algorithms and techniques, plus the ability to master the fundamentals of machine learning.

Для кого курс

Minimum qualification of NCEA University Entrance or equivalent, such as CIE or IB University Entrance, or, level 4 or higher Qualification from a related discipline.

Plus, you will need to have fulfilled the following credit requirements:
28 NCEA Credits, Level 3, in a range of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Computing and Technology.

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio is not required if you are applying for Game Programming (Bachelor of Software

Программа курса
What you’ll cover in this course

Year One — Your first year will cover the foundational skills of software engineering and AI, including an introduction to computer graphics and practical mathematical skills. You’ll develop an understanding of basic knowledge representation, problem solving techniques and architectures used to build intelligent systems.

Year Two — Delve deeper into the world of software engineering with an intro to data science and a focus on the applications of AI. You’ll extend the statistical and mathematical concepts covered in year 1, while discovering machine learning principles and exploring the vital field of human-centred design.

Year Three — Expand your technical knowledge and round out your skill set with a focus on data mining, visualisation and creative enterprise. In your final semester you’ll explore intuitive approaches to AI, with advanced tech-work integrated learning culminating in the production of an industry-standard capstone project.

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