TheGeeksClub looking for foreign students (and geeks) in Moscow

Программа гранта

Who we are. Recently we have decided to create a community for people interested in science and willing to discuss it in English. So, this is how The Geeks Club was born. We organized our first free meeting on Artificial intelligence. It was a lot of fun (photos are posted in our group, check them out).

We have plenty of ideas about our future talks and discussions on different topics in various fields:

  • physics
  • nutrition
  • space
  • neurobiology
  • psychology
  • history
  • art

and so on

Who are we looking for. If you are a foreign student (or not a student, it really doesn’t matter) in Moscow and you are really interested in some topic (it can be anything) and you want to share your knowledge and ideas, please feel free to contact us!

Why you should give it a try. As a bonus you will receive free coffee and snacks and admiration of people hungry for interesting ideas, and — who knows — maybe even new friends.

We really hope to form a community of people sharing the same interests.

Feel free to contact us on vk, fb, via email or phone:



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