Описание встречи

You love thrill and excitement? Do you want to improve your English AND have fun at the same time?

Every Saturday we check how strong your nerves are (and the nerves of the Moderator). Mafiosos and citizens are not going to joke.

Mafia in English is a game which helps you to improve your intuition and logic. Moreover, you can achieve excellent results in spoken English! Join us on Saturday evening for playing Mafia in English!

Level: Intermediate — Advanced

Fee: from 110 rub. (cards) или 10000 rub. (once).

When: Saturday, 19.00 — 23.30

How to register?

— Позвонить по номеру: 8 (499) 350-00-25

— Телеграм: goo.gl/CiWbWZ

— Messenger FB: goo.gl/DsFH1y

— Заполнить форму на сайте: goo.gl/0lY1kd

Наш адрес: м. Смоленская, пер. Сивцев Вражек 44/28