Sustainability: THE Challenge of Our Generation

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The increasing public concern for environmental sustainability, the impact of global climate change and business as a force for good has driven businesses to try and modify their daily operations. Achieving a balance between people, profit, and the planet is always a challenge. This Master Class will focus on understanding the strategic implications of sustainability for business. We will think about how rational people make choices and how conflicts can arise between individual rationality and societal needs. Is there an incentive for companies to do the “right thing”? The Master Class will be highly interactive and will challenge participants to think strategically about sustainability while making profits for their companies in a group simulation.

The master class will be delivered by Vanina Farber, professor at IE Business School (Madrid),a professor and the Chair of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Social Inclusion at Universidad del Pacifico, Peru. She has been an Adjunct Professor for Spain’s IE Business School since 2005, where she teaches Economic Environment and Country Analysis. Vanina has worked as a researcher and consultant for different international organizations in throughout the world. She currently lives in Geneva Switzerland and specializes in sustainable business models, CSR, and gender studies.