English Club. Theme of the Evening: Jobs of the Future

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Don“t miss the unique opportunity to speak in English in the atmosphere of British aristocracy!
What can be better?

Here you can find:
✔ English practice
✎ vocabulary material
ッ interesting meetings and new friends! ッ
♣ activities in English: games, discussions, debates
☕ English tea, coffee and biscuits
ッ good spirits and positive emotions ;)

Уровень языка — любой!
Главное: желание и настрой, а c остальным мы поможем!

See you!

Адрес: Проспект Мира, 41с1 (м. Проспект Мира радиальная, следующий дом от здания метро) в Social Club Римский-Корсаков

This Saturday we are going to talk about future jobs and the effect of technical progress on future labour market. How soon we will loose many of common jobs to robots ? What kind of new professions are going to appear in 30 years ? Come to discuss what kind of careers to choose to become wealthy when you”ll get old. We will examine the most interesting and unexpectable changes of labour market.

Start in 16:00 Duration — appr. 2 hours Leader of meeting — Lina and Natalia Price 300 rub, coffee and tea with cookies included!

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