The Human Genome mysteries of the Russian peoples: Science secrets unravelled and interpreted

Описание встречи

The Russian Federation spans 11 time zones and is the home of ~146,000,000 people: 80% are the genetically heterogeneous “ethnic Russians” and the remainder identify themselves as one of ~200 indigenous ethnic minorities. The Genome Russia Project, led by the Dobzhansky center at SPSU offers high coverage whole genome sequencing and analysis of peoples of the Russian Federation. My presentation will highlight DNA variation in Russian citizens with interpretations important for both medical genetics as well as the earliest migratory histories of indigenous Russian ethnicities.

Dr. Stephen J. OBrien is a world leading molecular biologist and dedicated conservationist who uses the tools of molecular biology to help protect endangered species and understand devastating diseases such as cancer and AIDS. His research interests and expertise span human and comparative genomics, genetic epidemiology, AIDS, cancers, retro-virology, bioinformatics, biodiversity and species conservation.

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