Moscow Sightseeing Free Tour (in English)

Событие прошло
Описание встречи

During our sightseeing tour you will discover the most well-known Moscow sights and attractions and get to know their fascinating history. Our walk lies through Red Square, Alexander Gardens, Manezhnaya Square, Nikolskaya street and some other marvelous places, where you can fully immerse into the Moscow city atmosphere. Get a chance to explore how many towers comprise Moscow Kremlin and who built it; how Saint Basil’s Cathedral compass works and what actually happened to the architects? What is the explanation behind the five-star Four Seasons Hotel face building having two different wings? What funny story brought Moscow roll of bread to life, and how Philippov’s entrepreneurial mind saved a well-known bakery? What was Marshal Zhukov’s role in the World War II? How is the “man riding a horse” located in front of the State Historical Museum connected to the Red Square?

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