Cultural Cafe LCampus: Breaking the habit of being yourself

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17 июля 2019, 19:00
Описание встречи

This Wednesday the meeting will be held by a special guest
Today it is quiet common to say: be yourself!
But what does it mean? Should we do it? What problems may arise along the way?
The meeting will be held in the format of a workshop, where each participant will be able to share his point of view and learn something new for themselves!

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�We meet every Wednesday at 19:00

Address: Metro Mendeleevskaya, exit 4, st. Sushchevskaya st., 21, p. 8, bar Molodezh

� Participation fee 500rub
� we meet in a cafe, 50% discount for all menu until 8pm
Registration is needed, there are only 10 sits at speaker“s table write “yourself” to promo field if you want to participate in discussion. Also you can just join and talk to others who are not at speaker”s table

There is a dress code in the bar, you need to be dressed just fine. 18+ and everyone should has a passport or any ID!

Feel free to contact us +79036886193

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