Macroeconomic Policies in Countries of the Global South: A book presentation

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24 сентября 2019, 14:00
  • Andrey Filippov
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The book presents the results of the research project of the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute. Its main objective is to analyze what kind of macroeconomic policy is most conducive to growth in developing countries and to investigate whether particular fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies have similar effects in developed and developing countries or whether these effects are country-specific.

At the event, the presentations of book chapters by their authors will be followed by the discussion with invited experts.

Date and time: September 24, 14:00 — 19:00.

Download the draft program.

Working language: English.

Location: Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of HSE, Malaya Ordynka 17, room 106

We kindly ask you to note that guests, who are not HSE students or employees, should take their passports with them to enter the building.

Malaya Ordynka 17, room 106

In case you have any questions, please, contact Igor Makarov

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