How to make your students speak? (Как разговорить ваших учеников?)

Событие прошло
  • Tatyana Abbasova
  • Elena Selena
Описание встречи

For many English or any other foreign language learners, speaking is probably the hardest skill to acquire. It requires not only basic understanding of grammar and vocabulary but also confidence, communication skills and ability to follow a conversation and react appropriately. This is a big challenge not only for learners but for teachers as well.

In this seminar, we are going to talk about why speaking is such an issue and how we can help our students overcome different barriers and obstacles they may have when it comes to speaking.

Our teacher trainers, Steven Ligoff and Yulia Sharp, will tell you about:

  • Difficulties and problems faced by language learners;
  • Principles and strategies to overcome the difficulties;
  • Classroom activities to encourage speaking;
  • Practicing speaking outside the classroom.

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