Семинар, 16 февраля 2016, 20:30

Speak the Speech: Introduction to Shakespeare

Speak the Speech: Introduction to Shakespeare
Описание встречи

This is the open session for Speak the Speech, Trobador Theatre Company’s course on Shakespeare, which will be led by Andrew Freeburg. Here is a brief outline of the session:

Background: who was Shakespeare?

«What is Shakespeare?»

Review of Shakespearean verse: how is it structured? How do you read it?

Exercises in reading Shakespearean verse aloud: excerpts from verse and prose monologues, dialogue from Shakespearean plays and poetry

Review of Shakespearean dramatic structure

5 acts; what they do

Tracing the influence of Shakespearean structure on drama/film:

4 acts: Chekhov (and European/American realism)

2 acts: (comedy)

acts: film screenplays

Learn more about «Speak the Speech» course: http://trobador.net/shakespeare/

Register for the free open session on 16 February: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/speak-the-speech-an-introduction-to-shakespeare-with-andrew-freeberg-free-trial-session-tickets-21313259533

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