The Drama Workshop project with Neil McGowan: March13th — April17th

Событие прошло
Описание встречи

Dear friends!

We are happy to invite you to our new project — Drama Workshop with Neil McGowan.

The “Drama Workshop” project started on March 13th and will be till April 17th.

We will have rehearsals every Sunday at 5.00 pm at Cherrylane.

The goal is to prepare a number of small one-act and one-scene plays.

This means everyone can have a part!

And you will not be a nightmarish quantity of material to learn.

So the hardest part is that we need the same people to come to the rehearsals each week!

P. S. We have 5 rehearsals from March20th till April17th. The price for attending is 2500 rub for 5 rehearsals!

Here is a list of plays:

Death Takes The Train by C.M. Larson (comic thriller with philosophical ideas) — 10 minutes, 3 actors + 1 silent role (Death).

The Macbeth Murder Mystery by James Thurber (adapted by N McGowan). Comedy. 10 minutes. 2 actors + 1 silent role (the waiter).

Readings from poems and plays (for ex., Someone can read the Crispin“s Day heroic speech from Shakespeare”s Henry V).

Her Big Break by Alan Bennett. (extract, 5-6 minutes) Comedy. Monologue.

The Cream Cracker Under The Sofa by Alan Bennett. Tragi-Comedy. Monologue.

Actor by Stephen Berkoff. Monologue, drama.

APRIL 23rd IS SHAKESPEARE“S BIRTHDAY! So let”s have our show on April 23rd at 7.00 pm.


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