Discussion: Music, The light when it’s dark

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This time we are going to talk about music with Dean, a native speaker from America. Dean was born in Sudan, but grew up and lived in LA, California. He is a writer, usually he writes hip-hop music and produce it. So he knows about music a little bit more then we do.

Here is a list of questions we are going to discuss:

• What kind of music school do you prefer? Old school or new school?

• What kind of music that deeply touch your soul?

• Could music be a poison, or is it always a cure?

• Could music make a change?

• Do you think '“what people call”' electronic music like '“house and techno”' is real music?

• Why nowadays we don’t see musicians and artists like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, 2Pac, Tracy Chapman, Sonny Boy Williomson, etc…?

• Who do you think controls the music market?

• If you imagined yourself a musicians, which instrument you“d be playing on? And what kind of music you”ll be playing?

Join us for a discussion!


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