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Лекция, 31 августа 2016, 18:30

Make Your Writing Work for You — Webinar for English learners

Описание встречи

This webinar is for everybody who wants to improve their writing skills in English. During our webinar you will:

  • see how your writing mistakes could harm your communication & how to avoid them;

  • discover how to write successfully at any level of English you have;

  • learn the 4 most important hacks you should start using in your writing today;

  • download a free guide on formal and informal writing styles;

  • get a chance to ask every question your have about writing during our live Q&A session.

Register here: link

I am very excited to share my expertise, and I certainly hope it helps a lot to those who want to gain confidence in their writing!

The webinar will be held in English! It starts on Wednesday August the 31st at 6.30pm Moscow time (5.30 CET).

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