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Мастер-класс на английском языке об использовании инструментов коучинга в жизни. «Coaching as my tool»

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Мастер-класс на английском языке об использовании инструментов коучинга в жизни. "Coaching as my tool"
Описание встречи

Мастер-класс на английском языке на тему Коучинга.

Описание мастер-класса на английском языке ниже.

Hello, friends!

At this meeting I’m going to tell you more about coaching and where to use it.

I prepared a range of self-coaching tools that can help us to make our consciousness of our life situations wider.

At this meeting:

  • You will learn more about coaching and where you can use it;

  • You will try some self-coaching tools for analyzing your life situations and solving some of your problems;

  • You will see how coach works in demo-coachsession;

  • You will have english speaking practice and will use english not just for conversation, but for learning and development activities;

  • You will get to know people who are also interested in their self-development

  • You can find a decision for some of your problems, as a result.

The main idea of this meeting is to connect people, english practice and useful outcome of coaching tools.


Arbatskaya station. Search for Maliy Kislovskiy, 8 — it’s a Fire Department. Our building is situated behind. Pass through the barrier to the yard. Go to the red building with yellow stripes and find the entrance on the left side of the building.

Адрес: средний Кисловский переулок, д.⅚, стр3 м.

Телефон организатора: +7 (926) 565-82-43

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