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Мастер-класс, 25 октября 2016, 19:30

Coaching in our life (мастер-класс на английском языке)

1 100 ₽
Coaching in our life (мастер-класс на английском языке)
Описание встречи

Hello, friends!

Previous meeting was wonderful and our participants left with some new tools, new ideas and even new plans. After all the feedback, I received, I realized that such kind of meetings are very helpful and decided to set up another one.

At this meeting I’m going to tell you more about coaching and where to use it.

I prepared a range of self-coaching tools that can help us make wider our consciousness of our life situations.

At this meeting:

  • You will learn more about coaching and where you can use it;

  • You will try some self-coaching tools for analyzing your life situations and solving some of your problems;

  • You will see how coach works in a demo-coachsession;

  • You will have English speaking practice and will use English not just for conversationы, but for learning and development activities;

  • You will get to know people who are also interested in their self-development

  • As a result you can find a decision for some of your problems.

The main idea of this meeting is to connect people, English practice and useful outcome of coaching tools.

Price for this meeting is 1100 rub.

The entrance is on the right from entrance of Sberbank. The door with sign «НДБ банк». Please have your passport with you.

If you are going to come, please write me e-mail with your Name and Surname.


tel.: +7 (926) 565-82-43

See you!

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